Have your inverter batteries last longer

The lead acid battery is made up of plates, lead, and lead oxide, with sulfuric acid and water solution. This solution, called electrolyte causes a chemical reaction that produces electrons (or energy) every time you charge or discharge the batteries.

The individual cells in a battery pack are rarely an exact duplicate of all the cells in the battery pack. With every discharge and charge cycle, the cells starts to loose their balance as the battery ages. This scenario, if not mitigated leads to premature death of cells (& batteries) connected in series.

What Happens to Batteries When They Aren’t Balanced?

In actual practice, when a pack of batteries reaches a specified charge cutoff voltage then the charger will shut off. If one cell in a pack reaches that voltage before other cells reach a full charge it will cause the charger to shut off — prematurely denying the balance of the pack a full charge. For example, battery II in the illustration above gets full quickly and thus cuts off charging while others are yet to achieve full charge. In this case, the entire pack has only 30% capacity.

Conversely when the weakest cell in a pack reaches its discharge cutoff voltage it will show as the discharge point and shut down the pack prematurely — thereby denying the user the balance of energy the other cells have stored.

The battery equalizers prevent this from happening. This process yields up to 30% more power and will extend the life of the battery pack.

What is Battery Balancer?
Battery Equalizer is Specialized for keep up the voltage balance of batteries during the Charging and Discharging process, due to differences in the chemical composition and temperature of the battery cell, It may cause charge and discharge differences even the battery is idle, also due to the different levels of self-discharge, it could lead to an imbalance between serially connected battery at charging process, when differences existed, it could make a battery excessive charge or discharge, and the other one insufficient charge or discharge.
In the long term, this situation will dramatically affect the battery service life and performance.

What does battery balancer do?

Battery Equalizer can compensate both parties when the battery is connected in series and the voltage difference exceeds 10 mV, then the battery equalization starts to work, and Finally achieved the balance of the batteries group. It can be connected for long periods for automatically battery state of equilibrium. to extend the life and performance of any new or used lead acid battery.

With battery balancer, all the batteries in the pack are fully charged to its 100% capacity.

Battery balancer extends battery life, is designed to balance the voltage between batteries to keep the battery in good working condition for a longer battery life, and improves battery performance.


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