Some solar myths

Are you confused about what is real or fake with solar powered energy? With all the wrong information and ‘fake news’ out there about switching to solar, it’s not surprising. Luckily, nuron has you covered!

Myth: Solar energy is too costly and is not economically viable. 

In recent years it has been proven that investments in solar energy are on the rise and that the cost has actually been reducing. The average cost has fallen 30% from 2015 and all around the world it is cheaper to produce electricity from solar energy vs the traditional ways. With better technology to produce the panels, the overall cost has dropped, making the benefits even more rewarding.

Myth: Solar batteries are too weak and don’t last.

Their death sequence commences from the day you start to cycle (use) them. Depending on the battery chemistry, the life cycle range from 300 for Lead Acid to 5000 for Lithium. Each cycle represent a usage from fully charged to completely discharged.
Here’s the secret, a user who frequently exhausts his battery every day, will have a dead, weak or need to replace batteries in a shorter period because the chemicals inside would have been depleted. Also the charging sequence is as important for a pleasant experience.

Myth: Solar Panels are bad for the environment after their lifespan is reached.

Solar panels are manufactured to have a long lifespan of over 20 years on the average. When that lifespan is up, they are also recyclable, making panels a product that has a positive impact through its lifespan and reduces their environmental impact afterwards. This means that even when the panels are no longer efficiently producing, the overall result is still a more green and productive energy source than fossil fuels.

Myth: Solar panel prices are based on the size of your home.   

Some companies sell “one-size-fits-all” solar energy systems that fit a cookie-cutter mold. However, that mold doesn’t always fit the needs of the homeowner. At NuronSolutions, we don’t price a system based on the size of your home. We price our system based on the utility needs and budget of each homeowner. These factors vary from home to home. Since we design our systems to produce enough energy for your home, it will be different from a system your neighbor may need, for example. When determining the cost of the system installations, the design of your roof and the slope is considered, as well as the surrounding areas and shade, because the panels need to be positioned and have the best access to sunlight as possible. 

Now that you know the truth about these Solar Myths, what are you waiting for?. With a free consultation, you can get even more information on the benefits and how it works. Call today! We’re always happy to help. .

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