Ibadan Solar Setup – Molotan

Our first encounter was in 2017. As he drove by my house he stopped to make enquiry concerning solar power systems. After so much explanation and orientation his response was very short and simple, give me the exact setup you have in your home. This we did. Installed a 1.5 kWp with backup storage off 4.8 kwh and inverter power of 2 kVA

Fast-forward to 2021, client has moved to a new bigger home, thus the need to upgrade the existing system.
After due loads audit, site evaluation, deliberations & costing we finally came up with a template that is meant to power his new home (all appliances – including Airconditioners, Refrigerator, Freezer, CCTV, TVs, Fans, motorised gate, lights, heat extractor etc except water heaters.

New system details specification listed below:
Inverter power | 5.0 kW Hybrid (to be upgraded to 10 soon)
Backup Capacity | 19.2 kWH when fully charged
Solar array | 5000 Watts-peak

This system is expected to realistically generate energy in excess of 19 kilowatt-Hour per day. Combined with an assumed 5hr grid power supply, the home is set for an uninterrupted power supply experience with a life expectancy of 3years (on the least) for the battery bank.

A final word, when making plans for a new home, kindly engage experienced hands in the process, it will save you a lot of funds in due time.
My team faced several challenges (I wouldn’t mention here) which costed more to overcome, a few we couldn’t.

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