Some solar myths

Are you confused about what is real or fake with solar powered energy? With all the wrong information and ‘fake news’ out there about switching to solar, it’s not surprising. Luckily, nuron has you covered! Myth: Solar energy is too costly and is not economically viable.  In recent years it has been proven that investmentsContinue reading “Some solar myths”

Solar power could be the cheapest way to generate electricity by 2025

Solar power has come along way recently, especially as 2019 hit new heights for both national and global efforts. But one of the biggest breakthroughs could actually be in arm’s reach, all through the technology of perovskite innovation. According to Oil Price, limitations around harnessing the maximum possible energy from the sun is still affecting progressContinue reading “Solar power could be the cheapest way to generate electricity by 2025”

Cost cutting a solar power system.

It has become a common rhetoric: “I want the cheapest solar system!”My usual response goes thus: “are you certain you want the cheapest?” Renewable energy sources is first about energy conservation. The higher your energy consumption the higher the cost you will incur. If your desire is the reverse… No gainsay, you know what toContinue reading “Cost cutting a solar power system.”

Tips & Tricks #1 don’t cut corners

Two key elements combine to create electricity through solar inverter setup – technology & nature. First, Nature. you have absolutely no control over except you created it, which I’m 1001% sure you did not. And secondly, Technology. Except you invent it don’t bother to play smart with it. Stay logged on for more hints onContinue reading “Tips & Tricks #1 don’t cut corners”